Selling Privately? How to Deal With Offers | Jarrod Carman

For some people, selling privately is a viable option. The main temptation being the potential savings but there is a great deal that your agent does, often without you realising it.

Get the Pricing Right

If you are selling your property privately, you must also abide by the new regulations that aim to provide more clarity for potential home buyers. This means that those properties will no longer we able to be listed as ‘offers over’ or a price indicating that it may sell for more. A price range must be used, as well as a Statement of Information that gives insight into that price range. Getting the indicative selling range right is so important and have both legal and moral consequences of doing so.

Create Competition

I believe it is important to create an air of competition around a home as human nature often drives us to towards something that someone else wants. This is something a real estate agent will use to your advantage in the selling process of a home, and this is something you should utilise if you are selling your home privately. Remember, people often become emotionally attached to a property and this ignites the competitive stakes even higher. Your perfect offer will be backed by both logic and emotion, and sharing this with all interested in the property can improve the chances of you achieving your results.

Deal in Transparency

When I work on a property sale, I strive to always deal with transparency. My number one suggestion to someone looking to sell privately would be the very same practice. If you keep all interested parties updated and aware of the goings-on in a sale, this puts them in a greater decision making position. As offers on your property come in, take the time to get to know the interested party, to better understand their motives and point of view. Let each person know where they stand and what your goals are for the sale.


If you have questions about selling a property, I am happy to assist. Reach out to me here.