How To Choose The Right Agent - Jarrod Carman

Choosing the right real estate agent for you can seem challenging and is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. I want to share some of my insights into how to go about doing this, to ensure your real estate journey is both enjoyable and fun. While none of these insights should be prioritised, they should all be looked at equally to ensure you chose the best agent to represent your property.

Identify With and Trust

You need to first be able to identify with and trust your agent. Their attitude should be positive and professional at all times. You are trusting them to put out to market your most valuable, and greatest asset. Your values should align closely with theirs, on a personal and professional level. This will also help ensure that you are always on the same page.

Proven Track Record

This is a very important factor when choosing the right real estate agent for you and your property. Make sure that you are aware of their recent sales and in particular, those which are comparable to your own property. Read reviews and see what the experience was like for other clients before you decide on an agent. You can see some of my reviews here.

A Great Negotiator

An agent with great negotiation skills can be the difference between an additional $10,000 or even $100,000 for your property. Your agent should be confident in their abilities, but at the same time never overpromising or under delivering. Negotiation is a very intricate and honed skill, and you will find that experienced agents are often the best at this.


If you have questions about anything to do with real estate on the Mornington Peninsula, I am an open book. Give me a call to discuss your needs, and let me help your next successful real estate journey begin.