Author: Jarrod Carman

Choosing the right real estate agent for you can seem challenging and is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. I want to share some of my insights into how to go about doing this, to ensure your real estate journey is both enjoyable and fun. While none of these insights should be prioritised, they should all be looked at equally to ensure you chose the best agent to represent your property.

Identify With and Trust

You need to first be able to identify with and trust your agent. Their attitude should be positive and professional at all times. You are trusting them to put out to market your most valuable, and greatest asset. Your values should align closely with theirs, on a personal and professional level. This will also help ensure that you are always on the same page.

Proven Track Record

This is a very important factor when choosing the right real estate agent for you and your property. Make sure that you are aware of their recent sales and in particular, those which are comparable to your own property. Read reviews and see what the experience was like for other clients before you decide on an agent. You can see some of my reviews here.

A Great Negotiator

An agent with great negotiation skills can be the difference between an additional $10,000 or even $100,000 for your property. Your agent should be confident in their abilities, but at the same time never overpromising or under delivering. Negotiation is a very intricate and honed skill, and you will find that experienced agents are often the best at this.


If you have questions about anything to do with real estate on the Mornington Peninsula, I am an open book. Give me a call to discuss your needs, and let me help your next successful real estate journey begin.

For some people, selling privately is a viable option. The main temptation being the potential savings but there is a great deal that your agent does, often without you realising it.

Get the Pricing Right

If you are selling your property privately, you must also abide by the new regulations that aim to provide more clarity for potential home buyers. This means that those properties will no longer we able to be listed as ‘offers over’ or a price indicating that it may sell for more. A price range must be used, as well as a Statement of Information that gives insight into that price range. Getting the indicative selling range right is so important and have both legal and moral consequences of doing so.

Create Competition

I believe it is important to create an air of competition around a home as human nature often drives us to towards something that someone else wants. This is something a real estate agent will use to your advantage in the selling process of a home, and this is something you should utilise if you are selling your home privately. Remember, people often become emotionally attached to a property and this ignites the competitive stakes even higher. Your perfect offer will be backed by both logic and emotion, and sharing this with all interested in the property can improve the chances of you achieving your results.

Deal in Transparency

When I work on a property sale, I strive to always deal with transparency. My number one suggestion to someone looking to sell privately would be the very same practice. If you keep all interested parties updated and aware of the goings-on in a sale, this puts them in a greater decision making position. As offers on your property come in, take the time to get to know the interested party, to better understand their motives and point of view. Let each person know where they stand and what your goals are for the sale.


If you have questions about selling a property, I am happy to assist. Reach out to me here.


It’s an interesting phenomenon, using a cryptocurrency, or ‘digital’ currency to purchase a property. I am always interested in new innovations and new trends and wanted to share my thoughts on whether Bitcoin should be one to watch in the real estate market. It has certainly fascinated me, and my initial thoughts are that I like the idea of it, and the application into real estate intrigues me. If you haven’t looked into Bitcoin or don’t know how it could apply to real estate, keep reading.


Understanding Bitcoin


Bitcoin is one of many digital currencies that allow you to make transactions online, without the need for a bank. A digital coin is actually just a file or a piece of code, it does not take on a physical form. A peer to peer networked program allows you to trade and buy bitcoins without a central authority. What initially had inhibited the world of digital currencies has now been overcome by the blockchain, which is a public registry of all the transactions ever made with a digital coin and who owns which coin. Currently, one bitcoin is worth $14,002 Australian dollars and the value of bitcoin has raised steadily since 2014.


Australian Vendors are now accepting BitCoin


Recently, there have been several vendors across Australia that are accepting bitcoin as payment for their property. These vendors are typically educated in bitcoin and deal in the currency but it would be interesting to see if the general community members start to embrace this new currency. The appeal in selling a house for bitcoins lies in the fact that the price increase has increased dramatically, any return on a large bitcoin investment would be reasonably substantial at the current rate.  However, it is volatile and is subject to change without notice.


As purchasing property is a form of investment itself, the use of valuable cryptocurrencies to pay for property is risky but could pay off handsomely. Speak to your Financial Advisor for tailored information on your personal circumstances. If you have questions about the real estate world or buying and selling, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on 0423 144 102.


A great agent is only as good as the team that surrounds them. I’m not shy about singing the praises of my amazing team, each handpicked by myself to ensure that the experience of my clients is second to none. To be able to work as part of a team is such an important asset in a person, and says much more about a real estate agent, who can be notorious for being a solitary entity. While some agents work on their own, many have a few other people working in the office with them daily. Real estate agencies will often contain one broker and several real estate agents. The broker leads the team and the business transaction but all agents can help with your account and help make the process a smooth one. Read on to discover why I think a real estate team is a great choice to sell any property and help achieve your property goals.

Real estate teams get things done

Agents that are part of a team are not stretched beyond their limitations, ensuring each and every client they work with receives the same level of service. Sellers are never left in the dark, as communication in a team is necessary and this will translate over to the experience for the seller themselves. Enquiries about your property for sale are always received and responded to, and the flexibility of multiple team members means all facets of the transaction are dealt with quickly and appropriately. Much of this process happens in the office and in the background, meaning your agent is free to be on the ground achieving results for you.

Real estate teams put you first

 The level of teamwork required to work as part of a real agent agency requires individual egos to be left at the door. To achieve maximum results for our clients, we need to be united in their interests first and foremost. Having a team behind the sale of your property is absolutely crucial to the success of the transaction.

If you have questions about choosing an agent or team to work with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on 0423 144 102.

Empathy and integrity are not often words you may associate with real estate, but in my opinion, I find the best results for everyone occur where agents and agencies conduct themselves with both these qualities. I want to change the assumption that all real estate agents on the Mornington Peninsula only care about themselves and their profit margins. Personally, I could never conduct myself or run my business without genuine empathy from a human perspective. These values are what set me apart, and I will never compromise on my beliefs to chase profit.

Empathy is key in the Mornington Peninsula property market

In real estate, we are helping real-life people make some of the biggest decisions of their life.  You may have heard agents and agencies talk about this before, but how many of them adhere to this? To me, I have to be able to place myself in the shoes of my clients to help make the best decisions for them, and this is staying true to my personal beliefs and values. Genuine empathy is crucial in real estate, particularly in a highly competitive market like the Mornington Peninsula.

Always conduct yourself with integrity

I want my relationships with my clients to be prosperous. I want clients to walk away from meeting me, and never have to doubt my character. This integrity is what makes me good at my job, and always keep me grounded in my values in every business decision I make.

Leave people better than when you found them

A glorious part of my job is the ability for me to leave my clients better from their interactions with me and the entire team at Eview Mornington Peninsula. By placing myself in the shoes of my clients and having their best intentions and outcomes forefront we are guaranteed to always have a positive experience.

For more information about how I can help you achieve your property dreams, reach out to me on 0423 144 102.


Have you ever aligned the words ‘design’ and ‘creativity’ with the role of a real estate agent? The phenomenon of ‘design thinking’ is something I pride myself on having a strong ability to do and is a notion that is crucial to the success of any business, regardless of what industry you operate within. It is also a tool I have used to set myself apart from competitors in my industry.  I have adapted design thinking into my business and have found it crucial to my success in the real estate industry. I use this mindset to govern the way in which I conduct my business and how I market myself as a leading agent on the Mornington Peninsula, so keep reading to find out what it’s all about.  

What Is Design Thinking?

In short, design thinking is a term that has stemmed from the world of creatives and into mainstream business methodologies, regardless of industry type. It involves the process of problem-solving from an end-user perspective upwards. It allows professionals to come up with entirely new ways of doing, using, and living that has not necessarily been explored yet through the eyes of our customers and clients. Empathy-driven, we put ourselves in the position of our clients and ask ourselves what problems can we solve for them. This thinking process allows us to resolve issues, see alternatives options and be innovative at the core of our practices.


Applying the steps of Design Thinking to Real Estate

The steps of design thinking are as follows; these are the ways I apply them to my business and create connections in the sale of my real estate.



Get to know the core of your client or customer, their user journey, how they came to find you, why they chose to use you.

Find out their motivations and what experiences mean the most to them.

Find a target audience, customer profile type, find out their user journey.



Assemble all the data, analytics and findings from our internal research and combine this with our client findings.

Define a target audience, customer profile type.



Come up with solutions for our clients from the problems we have identified from them.

Apply this to our target audience, customer profile type.



Create marketing strategies for properties, marketing collateral, interior styling that solves and provides what our target audience is looking for.



Try and try again, mix it up, see what is working and what isn’t.

For any questions about real estate on the Mornington Peninsula, or about anything to do with real estate don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally on: 0423 144 102

Read more here.



I have always been an admirer of Gary Vaynerchuk and much of my branding lessons I have learnt from him. His way of thinking is a new age style where he strives to give much more than he takes. Gary is an entrepreneur and a best-selling author and is renowned for making his family’s small wine sales business over 60 million dollars a year by harnessing the power of sharing value on social media.  In particular, he would make short videos featuring wine reviews and wine drinking advice.  Gary is now famously the head of VaynerMedia; a new-age social media focused marketing agency counting many of the Fortune 500 companies as its customers. Vaynerchuk now leverages his social media following to inspire millions of people around the world to follow their passion and live a happy life.

Lesson 1: No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.

This is something I always try to do in my own business. I find my clients appreciate the fact that I share my life with them, and make my experiences entirely accessible to them.

Lesson 2: There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.

What I do, is who I am. As a trained communicator and negotiator, these tools I use in my everyday life, I apply to my business.

Lesson 3: Give 51%.

I love this. Gary is all about giving more than you receive as a business strategy. The benefits for myself are that these people who receive value, turn into advocates.

Lesson 4: Always do the right thing.

Sometimes it can be hard to see what the right thing to do always is. I tend to listen to my gut and make decisions based on what feels like the right thing to do is.

Lesson 5: Communication solves 99% of problems.

In business, we can find ourselves so busy that our communication skills can tend to fall by the wayside, particularly internally and with team members. I take a moment to make sure I am understood and communicate effectively with my team and with my clients. Gary is a big believer in communication and the problems that can be avoided if we just slow down and not assume everyone knows what is inside our heads.

To read more about Gary and his business lessons, click here.

Just around the corner and traditionally associated with a slower, “cooler” property market, winter can actually be a prime time for buying and selling on the Mornington Peninsula.

Because it’s not necessarily about the weather – it’s about the state of the market and this winter is shaping up to be a fabulous time to house hunt or showcase your home as a welcoming family haven.

While traditional real estate wisdom would suggest we are heading into the “off season”, for savvy buyers it could well mean securing the perfect property at a great price as less hardy souls limit the number of inspections they go to or simply retreat into hibernation until spring.

And yes there are often some great opportunities for house hunters over winter but equally important to remember is that serious buyers are always looking for the right property, even in the cooler months (when the percentage of time wasters tends to shrivel).

For sellers prepared to embrace the winter chill and take a smart tack with their marketing, advertising in winter is the perfect opportunity to present your property in a different light.

Not every home has a photogenic spring garden that bursts into bloom on Cup Day and by cleverly highlighting features such as heating, insulation and ambient lighting you can really showcase your home as a warm and inviting space. And if your home enjoys a northern orientation that laps up the winter sun, this is the ideal time to show this off to potential buyers as well.

With the Danish concept of cosiness known as Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) currently taking hold of the collective imagination – there has probably never been a better time to present your property as a welcoming haven of comfort and style for buyers to fall in love with.

Think crackling open fires, textured knitted throw rugs, soothing background music, flickering candles and glass of red wine. That’s Hygge!

So with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season well behind us, now is the ideal time to take full advantage of your Eview agent’s local knowledge and expertise to sell your home or hunt down the perfect peninsula property for you.

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