5 Lessons I've Learnt From Gary Vaynerchuck | Jarrod Carman

I have always been an admirer of Gary Vaynerchuk and much of my branding lessons I have learnt from him. His way of thinking is a new age style where he strives to give much more than he takes. Gary is an entrepreneur and a best-selling author and is renowned for making his family’s small wine sales business over 60 million dollars a year by harnessing the power of sharing value on social media.  In particular, he would make short videos featuring wine reviews and wine drinking advice.  Gary is now famously the head of VaynerMedia; a new-age social media focused marketing agency counting many of the Fortune 500 companies as its customers. Vaynerchuk now leverages his social media following to inspire millions of people around the world to follow their passion and live a happy life.

Lesson 1: No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.

This is something I always try to do in my own business. I find my clients appreciate the fact that I share my life with them, and make my experiences entirely accessible to them.

Lesson 2: There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.

What I do, is who I am. As a trained communicator and negotiator, these tools I use in my everyday life, I apply to my business.

Lesson 3: Give 51%.

I love this. Gary is all about giving more than you receive as a business strategy. The benefits for myself are that these people who receive value, turn into advocates.

Lesson 4: Always do the right thing.

Sometimes it can be hard to see what the right thing to do always is. I tend to listen to my gut and make decisions based on what feels like the right thing to do is.

Lesson 5: Communication solves 99% of problems.

In business, we can find ourselves so busy that our communication skills can tend to fall by the wayside, particularly internally and with team members. I take a moment to make sure I am understood and communicate effectively with my team and with my clients. Gary is a big believer in communication and the problems that can be avoided if we just slow down and not assume everyone knows what is inside our heads.

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