Why You Should Choose A Team To Sell Your Property - Jarrod Carman

A great agent is only as good as the team that surrounds them. I’m not shy about singing the praises of my amazing team, each handpicked by myself to ensure that the experience of my clients is second to none. To be able to work as part of a team is such an important asset in a person, and says much more about a real estate agent, who can be notorious for being a solitary entity. While some agents work on their own, many have a few other people working in the office with them daily. Real estate agencies will often contain one broker and several real estate agents. The broker leads the team and the business transaction but all agents can help with your account and help make the process a smooth one. Read on to discover why I think a real estate team is a great choice to sell any property and help achieve your property goals.

Real estate teams get things done

Agents that are part of a team are not stretched beyond their limitations, ensuring each and every client they work with receives the same level of service. Sellers are never left in the dark, as communication in a team is necessary and this will translate over to the experience for the seller themselves. Enquiries about your property for sale are always received and responded to, and the flexibility of multiple team members means all facets of the transaction are dealt with quickly and appropriately. Much of this process happens in the office and in the background, meaning your agent is free to be on the ground achieving results for you.

Real estate teams put you first

 The level of teamwork required to work as part of a real agent agency requires individual egos to be left at the door. To achieve maximum results for our clients, we need to be united in their interests first and foremost. Having a team behind the sale of your property is absolutely crucial to the success of the transaction.

If you have questions about choosing an agent or team to work with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on 0423 144 102.