How to use Design Thinking In Real Estate | Jarrod Carman

Have you ever aligned the words ‘design’ and ‘creativity’ with the role of a real estate agent? The phenomenon of ‘design thinking’ is something I pride myself on having a strong ability to do and is a notion that is crucial to the success of any business, regardless of what industry you operate within. It is also a tool I have used to set myself apart from competitors in my industry.  I have adapted design thinking into my business and have found it crucial to my success in the real estate industry. I use this mindset to govern the way in which I conduct my business and how I market myself as a leading agent on the Mornington Peninsula, so keep reading to find out what it’s all about.  

What Is Design Thinking?

In short, design thinking is a term that has stemmed from the world of creatives and into mainstream business methodologies, regardless of industry type. It involves the process of problem-solving from an end-user perspective upwards. It allows professionals to come up with entirely new ways of doing, using, and living that has not necessarily been explored yet through the eyes of our customers and clients. Empathy-driven, we put ourselves in the position of our clients and ask ourselves what problems can we solve for them. This thinking process allows us to resolve issues, see alternatives options and be innovative at the core of our practices.


Applying the steps of Design Thinking to Real Estate

The steps of design thinking are as follows; these are the ways I apply them to my business and create connections in the sale of my real estate.



Get to know the core of your client or customer, their user journey, how they came to find you, why they chose to use you.

Find out their motivations and what experiences mean the most to them.

Find a target audience, customer profile type, find out their user journey.



Assemble all the data, analytics and findings from our internal research and combine this with our client findings.

Define a target audience, customer profile type.



Come up with solutions for our clients from the problems we have identified from them.

Apply this to our target audience, customer profile type.



Create marketing strategies for properties, marketing collateral, interior styling that solves and provides what our target audience is looking for.



Try and try again, mix it up, see what is working and what isn’t.

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