Integrity and Empathy in Real Estate | Jarrod Carman

Empathy and integrity are not often words you may associate with real estate, but in my opinion, I find the best results for everyone occur where agents and agencies conduct themselves with both these qualities. I want to change the assumption that all real estate agents on the Mornington Peninsula only care about themselves and their profit margins. Personally, I could never conduct myself or run my business without genuine empathy from a human perspective. These values are what set me apart, and I will never compromise on my beliefs to chase profit.

Empathy is key in the Mornington Peninsula property market

In real estate, we are helping real-life people make some of the biggest decisions of their life.  You may have heard agents and agencies talk about this before, but how many of them adhere to this? To me, I have to be able to place myself in the shoes of my clients to help make the best decisions for them, and this is staying true to my personal beliefs and values. Genuine empathy is crucial in real estate, particularly in a highly competitive market like the Mornington Peninsula.

Always conduct yourself with integrity

I want my relationships with my clients to be prosperous. I want clients to walk away from meeting me, and never have to doubt my character. This integrity is what makes me good at my job, and always keep me grounded in my values in every business decision I make.

Leave people better than when you found them

A glorious part of my job is the ability for me to leave my clients better from their interactions with me and the entire team at Eview Mornington Peninsula. By placing myself in the shoes of my clients and having their best intentions and outcomes forefront we are guaranteed to always have a positive experience.

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